Jeb Bush May Bring in W in South Carolina

Jeb currently in 6th place in South Carolina with 6%, a state both his brother and father carried in the Republican primary


GREENVILLE, S.C. — With Jeb Bush struggling to connect with some Republican activists, his campaign has begun exploring whether to bring in the person it thinks may be best equipped to give him a boost with skeptical conservatives: his brother George W. Bush.

The 43rd president is a very popular figure among Republican voters and could deliver a needed jolt to his brother’s sluggish campaign.

Advisers to Jeb Bush in this crucial early primary state have asked national campaign officials in recent weeks to send in George Bush, 69, who so far has appeared only at private fund-raisers, to vouch for his younger brother on the campaign trail.

The request for reinforcement underlines the growing urgency that backers of Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, feel as other candidates vault ahead of him by stirring the passions of the party’s base.

In this heavily conservative state, which delivered crucial primary wins both to George W. Bush and to his father, the first President George Bush, there is a growing view that Jeb Bush needs to embrace his older brother.

“I do think he’s an asset, and we need him down here — and Barbara, too,” said Sally Atwater, a Republican activist here.