Iran Shows NEW VIDEO of Deep Underground Tunnels Packed With Long-Range Ballistic Missiles

This is who the administration is dealing with...
1,640 ft. under a mountain in Iran, there is a massive missile arsenal

For the first time ever, Iranian television has broadcast footage of a secret underground tunnel, stocked with missile and launcher units. Officials have said it is one of several such bases in Iran.

I wonder what Neville Obama will have to say about this one?

At first glance it looks like the set of a James Bond movie -- a seemingly impregnable mountain base packed full of uniformed men and sinister-looking missiles on their launch vehicles parked along a long tunnel buried deep underground.

But this is in fact a real-life missile facility in Iran, according to the country's semi-official FARS news agency.

In a rare moment of openness, Iran on Wednesday broadcast pictures from The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force of a tunnel reportedly dug some 1,640 feet (500 meters) under a mountain.

The release of this footage comes just a few days after state media reported that Iran had test-fired new generation long-range ballistic missiles. (CNN)