Hillary Breaks With O: Says She Opposes Trans-Pacific Partnership

Last week, Hillary called for a no-fly zone over Syria --- in direct contrast with the administration’s current policy.

ABC News
In yet another move that would distance herself from the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday announced her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, saying that
“what I know about it as of today I am not in favor of what I have learned about it.”
Clinton came out against the trade agreement as it looks today in an interview with PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff, adding
“Trade agreements don’t happen in a vacuum. In order for us to have a competitive economy in the global marketplace there are things we need to do here at home that help raise wages. And Republicans have blocked everything President Obama has tried to do on that front. So for the larger issues and then what I know and then again I don’t have the text we don’t have all the details, I don’t believe it is going to meet the high bar I have set.”
The move comes two days after the White House announced it had reached an agreement on the deal, known as TPP. The pact sets trade rules for 40% of the world’s economy and involves 12 countries, including the United States