Bill Kristol: Biden Will Get in The Race Monday or Tuesday

Kristol says Biden will choose Elizabeth Warren as a running mate if he's the nominee

Washington examiner

Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, made a bold pronouncement on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" Sunday, predicting Vice President Joe Biden will get in the race for president Monday or Tuesday.

"Joe Biden's going to get in, I'm quite confident. I think he'll get in tomorrow or Tuesday," Kristol said. "I think he'll go to Delaware, presumably, and he'll announce in a state he represented for so many years, and I think he'll be a strong candidate."

"Democrats like President Obama. ... And who has been President Obama, as he will say, his closest partner over these last seven years? Joe Biden," Kristol added. "He's a more sympathetic candidate than Hillary Clinton. He's a more electable candidate than Bernie Sanders. He will signal that he would like to have Elizabeth Warren as a his running mate, who I do think is closer to where the average Democrat grassroots-type wants the party to go."

"A Biden-Warren ticket? I say this as a Republican, I think it's the toughest ticket for Republicans, and I think it will be a formidable ticket."