ABC's Jon Karl: Hillary's Benghazi Testimony 'The Culmination of the Best 10 Days of Her Campaign'

They've got her back at every turn.

Sometimes ABC's Jon Karl does a great job grilling WH officials at press briefings, sometimes he sounds like a DNC Chairman

Karl reports on the aftermath of Clinton testifying before a House committee on Benghazi. There is not one single word on the fact that Hillary emailed her family and the PM of Egypt the day after the attack in Benghazi saying it had nothing to do with the video. Not one word on the fact that Amb. Stevens sent 600 request for security and they never once made it to Secretary Clinton's desk.

This report from ABC is nothing more than a Clinton high-five. Praising her for her performance and stamina, while calling it the culmination of the best 10 days of her campaign. The 2 minute report here could have been written by Hillary's campaign manager.

Watch-  Notice the chyron 'On a Roll' remains throughout the entire video.