WATCH----> President Obama Wandering Around Alaska Shooting Video With a 'Selfie' Stick

President Obama has been spotted with a selfie stick during his trip to Alaska.

Obama was seen with the device during his three-day trip to the Alaskan Arctic, in hopes of highlighting climate change issues. The White House has been busy documenting his adventure, even giving Obama a selfie stick and GoPro (he's reached peak Millennial) to share his point-of-view

The selfie video, Obama promises to “give you guys a little bit of a view of what it’s like out here.”

“We’ve been able to spend the day out here just learning more about how the glaciers are receding,” he says. “It’s a signpost of what’s happening with a changing climate. … This is worth preserving."

And, of course, a historic trip to Alaska would not be complete without a bonafide selfie alongside TV host Bear Grylls