VIDEO----> Of Course: Colin Powell Still Sees a 'Dark Vein of Intolerance' in the GOP

Really? Maybe the great Colin Powell missed some recent polling showing Ben Carson in second place behind Trump. They're just so intolerant!

What a joke Powell has become, and once again, he acts like he's a Republican giving friendly advice to the party.

During his interview today on Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asks Powell if he still sees a 'dark vein of intolerance' in the Republican Party. POWELL JUMPS ON IT, "Yeeesss"....he then says there are some in the party (really? name some names Colin) 'who practice a level of intolerance that is no consistent with American values.'

Powell was interviewed for 16 minutes on MTP and there was not one word of criticism against Obama, instead he pointed out the blunders that were made during the 2003 invasion in Iraq.

How about that Republican?
WATCH VIDEO----> The 'Dark Vein' is still there