Trump Threatens to Sue Club for Growth Over Attack Ads

This is over Trump's support for taxing the rich, a view he says he no longer holds

Donald Trump has threatened a "multimillion dollar lawsuit" against the conservative Club for Growth for its advertising campaign attacking the Republican front-runner for his liberal economic policy positions.

On Tuesday, Trump's presidential campaign released a "cease and desist" letter sent by the billionaire's general counsel, Alan Garten, to Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

In the letter written on the letterhead of Trump's business conglomerate, Garten says the CFG  has misrepresented Trump's views on taxes by taking an old statement that he would like to hike taxes across the board on the "superwealthy," a view that Trump's campaign claims he no longer holds.

Like most things in Trump's campaign, the letter does not conform with traditional legal language.

The letter said "we will not sit idly by and allow special interest groups and political action committees like yours to defame Mr. Trump and cause damage to his reputation and business interests."

The correspondence closes with an ultimatum:
"In the interest of avoiding what will certainly be a costly litigation process, we are prepared to offer you the one-time opportunity to rectify this matter by providing us with your prompt written assurances that (i) you have stopped running the Attack Ads; and (ii) you will not generate or disseminate any misleading or inaccurate information or make any factually baseless accusations... with respect to my client at any point in the future."