Scott Walker At Less Than 1% in New CNN Poll

Scott Walker goes from a measly 5% in August to less than one percent today (nationally). Walker once led in Iowa (a must win for him) by 14 points, he is now a whopping 24 points behind Donald Trump in the latest Quinnipiac poll released at the end of August. His numbers have crashed everywhere. One tactic Scott Walker might want to change---- He needs to stop telling everybody what he did in Wisconsin and start telling everyone what he'd do in Washington if he gets elected. The 'I stood up in Wisconsin' thing has gotten him nowhere.  

Jake Tapper and the panel discuss the new CNN/ORC survey. Jake Tapper says, 'I'm stunned by Scott Walker having less than one-half of one percent.'

S.E. Cupp nails it on Walker, she responds, you're in a race with 17 other people--- and you're gonna stand there and talk about your record? 'It's just not gonna break through'