Rush on Hillary Clinton: Where's the Indictment? We Don't Need to Know Any More!

A fed up Rush Limbaugh goes off on the fact that we know enough here to conduct an official investigation into Hillary Clinton and go for an indictment but they're not doing it.

RUSH: What more do we need? Where's the indictment? We don't need to know any more. The woman was violating the law just by the existence of the server in a closet in a bathroom in freaking Denver! There's classified data passing back and forth on her server, whether she knew it or not. That's no excuse. Where is the indictment? There isn't an indictment. Why not? That's the question.

So what else is on that server that might harm other people? Who else -- and this is the bigger question. Who else was using a private server that we don't know yet?