Poll: Sanders Jumps Out To A 22-Point Lead Over Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire

Hillary down to 30% support in New Hampshire. This is the 4th consecutive poll showing Sanders leading.

Team Clinton truly had a bad month. The email fiasco isn’t going away; her poll numbers continue to drop; and her electability (which wasn’t an issue a week ago) is now in question. 
She’s losing to Jeb Bush and Dr. Ben Carson in head-to-head matchups, and she’s polling at a dead heat with Donald Trump. Now, a CBS/YouGov poll shows that Sen. Bernie Sanders has a 22-point lead over Clinton in New Hampshire.
In Iowa, Sanders has a 10-point lead, with Vice President Joe Biden doing best in South Carolina, which is the primary contest where he would probably try to shakeup things up in the 2016 Democratic Primary if he were to toss his hat in the ring
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