Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis "Has No Intention" of Resigning

Lawyer for Kim Davis: Her stay in jail has NOT made her reconsider her stance

ABC News
Kim Davis thinks she has a solution to her problem.

The Kentucky county clerk, jailed for failing to follow a judge’s orders to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, wants her name removed from the marriage certificates, her attorney Matthew Staver told ABC News.

“She has a very strong conscience and she’s just asking for a simple remedy, and that is, remove her name from the certificate and all will be well,” Staver said. “That simple remedy has simply been ignored by the court and by the governor and that’s what should have been done.

“I think it’s reprehensible that she’s in jail for this when a simple fix could have been easily handled.”

Marriage licenses in KY are required to include an authorization statement of the county clerk issuing the license. Some state lawmakers have suggesting having clerks' names removed from marriage licenses.

Staver said at a news conference this afternoon Davis "has no intention to resign." “She will never violate her conscience," Staver said to reporters.

In the meantime, five of Davis’ deputies – facing the prospect of jail time themselves – started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples at the Rowan County Courthouse today. A sixth clerk, Kim Davis' son, remains a holdout but has not been jailed.

"I don't hate anybody," she added. "None of us do."  Davis’ stay in jail has not made her reconsider her stance, Staver said.