Flashback 2008: When Hillary Clinton Ran Ad Calling Out Obama For Ducking Debates

Singing a much different tune in 2008 than she is today. Clinton jabbed O for not debating.

Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders are clamoring for more debates to be added by the Democratic Party, accusing Hillary Clinton of dodging the competition.

But in 2008, it was Clinton who was voicing those concerns, accusing then-Sen. Barack Obama of ducking debates and avoiding tough questions.

Calling out Obama for refusing to agree to a debate in Wisconsin, a 2008 Clinton ad stated that "maybe he prefers to give speeches than to have to answer questions."

Ed Henry noted on "The Real Story" today that O'Malley attacked DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for limiting the debate schedule to just four before the Iowa caucuses and only six overall.

O'Malley accuses the DNC of protecting Clinton, even calling the process "rigged" in favor of the frontrunning former First Lady. He's calling on supporters to protest outside the Democratic National Committee’s D.C. headquarters