VIDEO---> Judge Jeanine: Hillary Could Be Charged With AT LEAST 7 Crimes

JUDGE JEANINE Well, look, there are a myriad of crimes she can be charged with. Number one, she had classified information on an unauthorized and not government server. She knew she wasn't supposed to do that. What you have to say is, why is it that within days of your being confirmed as secretary of state -- why did you need your own private server? Why did you put your pitbulls, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, on that same server? Why are their Blackberrys missing right now?

And why did she say, I never received or sent classified, and then she said "marked classified"? She keeps pulling back from it. You've destruction of evidence. You've got obstruction of Justice. You've got Federal Records Act violations. You got.... There's at least seven that I've found.