Sarah Palin: Trump Being Asked About His Favorite Bible Verse is a 'Gotcha' Question

Back in July, Trump said he doesn't know if he's ever asked God for forgiveness.  Trump has also said recently that the bible is his favorite book. So Mark Halperin of Bloomberg asks a fair question, 'what's your favorite verse?' Trump doesn't have an answer. He could easily say, 'Love one another' or 'by grace are you save through faith' or a really easy one, 'for God so loved the world.' 

He can't name one...


Of course, since she's supporting Donald Trump, Sarah Palin thinks this is a 'gotcha' question from the lamestream media, something they'd NEVER ask Hillary Clinton.  She says the favorite verse thing is 'none of his business.' Really? How's that? How would a favorite bible verse be something you'd want to be private about?

Here's her Facebook post:

They'd NEVER ask this of Hillary-------->

I know, since Sarah Palin is infallible to most on our side, posting this video would probably be considered an attack on her.

Here's the media asking Hillary Clinton her favorite bible verse.