Rush on the Hillary Emails: "Looking At This, You'd Have To Say She's In Trouble" [AUDIO]


RUSH: Everybody who knows me is asking, "What is with this Hillary e-mail stuff? Top-secret stuff, Rush? What's going on here?" The New York Times has a story that says she's under investigation by virtue of leaks, and then the Department of Justice says, "No, it's not true," and the New York Times walks it back. But it was true. I tell you what I think. I think this is big. I think this is problematic for her.

My only point is, I don't really know if Mrs. Clinton thinks that she's in jeopardy or not, and if she does think she's in jeopardy or realizes it, I don't know if she's taking it seriously.

Or thinks it's just part of the process 'cause she's a Clinton and there's powerful forces, a right-wing conspiracy out to get her. I have no idea. But just looking at this in your good, old-fashioned standard common-sensical way, you have to say she's in trouble, that this is serious.