Rubio: If I Start Commenting on Everything Trump Does, My Campaign Will Get Consumed By It

Probably a pretty good idea. Meet the Press has released this clip of Rubio's interview tomorrow.
Chuck Todd asks him about Trump-- No comment from Rubio. He also says Megyn Kelly can probably take it.

Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio this weekend appeared to sidestep an opportunity to criticize Donald Trump’s controversial comments about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

In an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, Rubio said: “I’ve made a decision here with Donald Trump, you know, if I comment on everything he says, my whole campaign will be consumed by it. That’s all I’ll do all day.”

A slew of other Republican candidates have moved denounce Trump, who seemed to imply that Kelly’s tough questioning of him during Thursday’s GOP presidential debate was linked to her menstrual cycle. Trump’s remarks got him dumped from a conservative gathering Saturday in Atlanta, and a top political aide said he quit over it.

Of Kelly, Rubio said this: “I think Megyn Kelly is very good. She’s going to ask tough questions. She’s a strong woman, and I think she can take anything that comes her way.”