PPP Poll: Hillary Behind 4 Republicans in Iowa

More bad news for Team Clinton-

Barack Obama won Iowa by 5 points over Romney in 2012 and by 9 over McCain in 2008

A Republican has only carried Iowa one time since 1984 and that was George W. Bush in 2004. So this would spell real trouble for Clinton. If she is not winning here, she's probably struggling in a few other battleground states that President Obama won.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is polling lower than four Republican candidates in Iowa, according to Democratic pollster Public Policy Polling.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has the highest lead over Clinton at 44 percent to Clinton's 40 percent. Three other Republicans lead the former secretary of state by a single point. They are:

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, 44/43
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, 44/43
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, 43/42

The pollsters did not ask voters about all 17 announced Republicans against Clinton, but did release a list of those they said fared worst. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was at the bottom, trailing Clinton by 4 percent. He garnered 40 percent support to Clinton's 44 percent.