Jeb Bush: 'Bill Clinton is Not My Step-Brother, OK?'

Nashville (CNN)—While there's been a lot of brotherly love shared between George W. Bush and Bill Clinton lately, Jeb Bush joked Tuesday that his connection to the former Democratic president only goes so far.

"There's a club of past presidents. There's mutual respect there, I admire that," the former Florida governor said. "But Bill Clinton is not my step-brother, OK?"

Bush's remark -- a nod to the familial bond his brother, former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton say they share -- sparked a round of laughs at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

Responding to a question from Russell Moore, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty of the Southern Baptist Convention about how the 13,000 evangelicals in attendance could pray for Hillary Clinton, Bush said he prays "for everybody in positions of leadership, for sure" and reiterated a call he's been making for a return to civility in politics.

"It's important to recognize that people you don't agree with aren't necessarily bad people. They just might be wrong," he said, drawing some laughs. "There's no reason to personalize everything, demonize people."