Fox News Poll: 58% Say Hillary Clinton "KNOWINGLY LIED" About Classified Material

Voters say Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton flat-out lied about not having classified information on her private email server -- and that she put the United States at risk by mishandling our secrets.

I'm not exactly sure why Fox News would release a super important poll like this at 6:00 p.m. on a Friday evening. WTH? This should have been released Monday morning at 9:00 a.m.

Fox News
A Fox News poll released Friday finds a 58 percent majority thinks Clinton “knowingly lied” when she announced in a March press conference that no emails on her private server contained classified information. A third says there is “another explanation” for internal government investigators determining secret info was in fact on Clinton’s server (33 percent).

Moreover, by a 54-37 percent margin, voters feel Clinton put our national security at risk by using a private email server. Among Democrats, 27 percent think Clinton lied and 29 percent say her actions put the country in danger.

Independents are nearly three times as likely to say Clinton lied as to think there’s another explanation for national secrets to show up on her server (67 percent vs. 23 percent).

-------> The only reason these numbers aren't higher is because of Dems, who know she lied, but are sticking by her no matter what. In this poll, only 27% of Dems say Clinton 'knowingly lied'

Question 37. As you may know, while Hillary Clinton used a personal email account and a computer server at her home to do government work. In March, Clinton said no emails on her private server contained classified information. However, internal gov't investigators recently determined classified information was contained in Clinton’s emails on that server. Do you think Clinton knowingly lied about the emails or there’s another explanation?