Brent Bozell: Hillary Scandal '100 Times Worse' Than Watergate

Will the lib media go after Hillary? Bozell says we'll have to see. He says this is 100X worse than Watergate.
Fox Host Stuart Varney believes that these new revelations are a turning point

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell on Wednesday urged journalists to continue covering the bombshell developments related to Hillary Clinton's use of a private E-mail server as Secretary of State. Appearing on Varney and Company, Bozell compared the story to Watergate and Richard Nixon: "His entire presidency was destroyed because of this. Now, compare that to what we're learning about Hillary Clinton, which is 100 times more serious."

The MRC president and Stuart Varney discussed how journalists actually covered the news that Clinton is surrendering her server, as well as the revelation that her e-mails included at least some top secret information sent on the unsecured server.