ABC: Yeah, Joe Biden is a 'Gaffemaking Machine'...But Those Are 'Part of His Political Charm'

Would a Republican ever get this kind of coverage? Dozens and dozens of gaffes from Biden in just the last few years and ABC News thinks it's kinda charming. 

On Sunday’s Good Morning America, ABC reporter Mary Bruce went to bat for Vice President Joe Biden as he contemplates a potential White House run in 2016. The ABC reporter heavily spun for Biden regarding is numerous gaffes as she proclaimed “he's also had his fair share of stumbles. From back rubs to BFD’s. Biden is a gaffemaking machine. But those oh that Joe moments are part of his political charm.”

In her introduction of Bruce, Paula Faris insisted that a potential Biden run “could shake up the Democratic nomination” before she turned to her colleague who continued to promote a Biden candidacy.

After Bruce explained how Biden’s son Beau wanted him to run for president prior to his death, the ABC reporter touted how the vice president is an “experienced campaigner” whose gaffes are part of his “charm”