Trump: I Think I'd Do Very Well Going 3rd Party, But 'My Thinking Is To Run As a Republican' (VIDEO)

Greta wants to know if Trump doesn't get the nomination, will he pull a Ross Perot and go 3rd party. Donald Trump says he's had 'many people ask him' to run as an Independent but he loves the Republican party. Greta presses him, would you ever consider it? (going 3rd party). Trump believes he'd do very well but he tells her he will run as a Republican.

Trump also responds to all the companies pulling the plug (most recently ESPN and NASCAR), he says, (great answer) they will all be back next year when all of this blows over.

Trump stands firm here in the face of all the opposition. He tells Greta he will in no way drop out of the race because he wants to make America great again.