Ted Cruz: Major Garrett's Question Was 'Absolutely Fair'...'What Was Nonsense Was the President's Answer'

CRUZ: This Iran deal nothing more than a 'Jihadist Stimulus Bill'

On The Kelly File July 15, Ted Cruz commended Garrett for his ‘fair question’ and blasted Obama’s petty “you should know better” response to the reporter.

Host Megyn Kelly began by asking, “Was it a fair question? Was it a fair issue?” To which Cruz responded, “Oh, it was absolutely a fair question, and I’ll tell you what was nonsense was the president’s answer.”

Cruz continued, “There are four American hostages in Iran. Held for professing their Christian faith, held for – one journalist, exercising his first amendment rights – and in the entire course of President Obama and John Kerry and the administration popping champagne and celebrating this deal with Iran they did nothing to free those imprisoned Americans. It was one of the many shameful aspects of this catastrophic Iran deal.” via newsbusters