Scott Walker Calls Jeb Bush a 'Leader From the Past' (VIDEO)

"I don't think a name from the past beats a name from the past'
Translation: Jeb Bush is not gonna beat Hillary Clinton.

ABC US News | World News

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker says Jeb Bush's last name makes him a poor choice to take on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a general election contest.

"I don't think a name from the past beats a name from the past. I think you need a name from the future," the Wisconsin governor told ABC's News David Muir in an exclusive interview Sunday when asked if his soon-to-be rival was a name of the past or future.

Walker said voters "want a new, fresh face to lead this country going forward."

"Not just Republicans, but I hear a whole lot of independents and even some discerning Democrats say that," he said.

The interview came ahead of Walker's official announcement on social media this morning.

"I am running for President to fight and win for the American people," he continues in the video. "Without sacrificing our principles, we won three elections in four years in a blue state. We did it by leading. Now, we need to do the same thing for America. It’s not too late to make our country great again. Join Our cause and help us fight and win for America.”