Rubio Sinks to 10th Place in Reuters Poll

Could this possibly be the most boneheaded move by a Republican in the last decade? Marco Rubio HAD a senate seat, one that he carried by 19 points over Charlie Crist in 2010. It was his senate seat as long as he wanted it.  But because of Florida law, he can't run for both President and Senate, so he gave up being a senator to run for President. No he is sinking in the polls, 10th place in this Reuters survey. Why would someone do this? At 43, he had the next 20 years to run for President, why not wait? I like Marco Rubio alot, but do I think he's gonna be the Republican nominee out of these 15 candidates? No, I do not.

To top it off, Patrick Murphy is leading all Republicans to replace Rubio in Florida. So, not only did Rubio give up his place in the senate, he handed it to a Democrat. Unbelievably dumb move by Marco Rubio. 

Breitbart reported:
LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Real estate magnate and 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has skyrocketed to Republican frontrunner status, as a new poll from Reuters/Ipsos has Trump tied for first place with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. The rest of the pack is far behind them.

Trump pulled in 15.8 percent, compared to Bush’s 16.1 percent in the poll of 404 self-identified Republicans taken from July 6 to July 10. Since the poll’s credibility interval is 5.7 percent, that puts both Bush and Trump in a league of their own atop the field, as the next best candidate, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, doesn’t even break 10 percent.

What is perhaps most interesting is that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has begun sinking heavily in the polls, as he is behind most of the Republican candidates—now in tenth place, well out of contention—clocking in at just 3.9 percent in this poll.

This is a significant crash in the polls for Rubio, too, since back in late April, just after he announced his presidential campaign, he was in second place behind Bush

Rubio is well behind most of the rest of the field.