PHOTO---> Chris Matthews Pictured Marching for Hillary In July 4 Parade in Washington D.C.

Just think, the GOP actually let this hack moderate one of the Republican debates back in 2007.

newsbusters  reported:
Jamie Dupree sent this fascinating tweet on Saturday, a picture of MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews marching in a suburban DC parade next to a Hillary Clinton for President banner.

Those MSNBC folks have a natural talent for appearing to be all wrapped up in partisan Democratic politics. Could this just be Chris talking to a suburban friend? Even if so, he doesn't seem troubled by the possibility of a photo like this. Matthews has also been quite friendly toward Hillary on MSNBC, naturally.

On Wednesday's Hardball, he touted her e-mail shredding scandal might help: "the unintended consequences, maybe the e-mails will end up helping her but I can't believe anybody will vote against her because of the e-mail issues. There are larger issues in the world."