Man Dressed As a Walmart Employee Robs Store (VIDEO)

Video shows the man walking right out the front door of Walmart with a duffle bag filled with $120,000.
He entered the store wearing a Walmart uniform at 4 in the morning and nobody asked who he was

A man wandered into the Walmart in Gentilly, La around 4:42 Thursday morning, wearing a Walmart vest and hat. But, he wasn't there to open the store, he was there to rob it.

Video surveillance shows the imposter pushing a female employee into an office at gunpoint, then demanding that she fill his backpack with the contents of the store safe. He strolled out of the store a few minutes later, carrying a bag weighed down with $120,000 in cash. Friday, Walmart customers were shaking their heads.

"At 4 o'clock in the morning, someone should have said who are you, good morning or noticed his face or something," customer Sherry Cowart said. "With that situation, I don't know what to say."