Judge Napolitano: If General Petraeus Committed a Crime, Then It's 'Obvious' Hillary Clinton Did Too

Napolitano: How Hillary Clinton could say some of these emails were not classified is "inconceivable"

Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted to the latest developments in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, saying it's "obvious" that Clinton violated the law in the same way as Gen. David Petraeus.

Clinton told reporters Saturday that she never sent or received classified information via private email when she served as secretary of state, and that the facts on the issue "are pretty clear."

Clinton maintains that any classified information in her private emails was deemed classified after the fact.

The Justice Department is now looking into what information was exchanged on Clinton's private server. The probe, which comes after a referral from the inspector general of the intelligence community, is not a criminal one and is not specifically targeting Clinton, the DOJ says.