Josh Earnest on Planned Parenthood: "Republicans Are Playing Politics With Some Selectively Edited Videos"

Earnest says not a chance President Obama will go along defunding Planned Parenthood.
He says Republicans are "playing politics" here.

-------> A little bit about the WH (and everybody on the left) saying these are "edited" videos.

Of course the videos are "edited." Some of the videos are nearly 2 hours long. The pro-life group has  posted the part of the video that is relevant to the story they are covering. These videos are "edited" for time and for YouTube. There is a difference between a video being "edited" and a video being "deceptively edited." None of the videos on Planned Parenthood from the Center For Medical Progress have been deceptively edited. But the libs (including the WH) are getting away with this.

BTW, all of the unedited Planned Parenthood videos have also been made available.


2nd Video-
Reporter to Josh Earnest: Kinda Sounds like you are taking your talking points directly from Planned Parenthood