Jeb Bush Leads Marco Rubio in Florida 28-16

Bush won the governorship in Florida by 13 points 56-43 in 2002. Marco Rubio won his senate seat over Charlie Crist by 19 points 49-30. Both are popular in Florida. But Jeb has taken a 12 point lead in the Florida Primary after being about even following Rubio's April announcement bump.

Jeb Bush holds a commanding lead over Sen. Marco Rubio among registered Florida Republicans, who have soured on the senator since he announced his presidential bid in April, a new poll shows.

In the crowded GOP field, Bush leads the second-place Rubio 28 to 16 percent in their home state, according to Mason Dixon Polling & Research’s survey. In Mason-Dixon’s poll three months ago, Rubio was essentially tied with Bush 31 to 30 percent.

Rubio’s 15 percentage-point drop coincides with the rise of Gov. Scott Walker, who’s now in third place with 13 percent – an 11 point increase for the Wisconsin governor since the April survey.

“And the center of the GOP political universe of late — Donald Trump — is in fourth with 11 percent,” Mason Dixon pollster Brad Coker said in a written analysis.

Rubio: "I think it's hard to be President of the United States if you can't win the primary of your own state"
(This is yesterday)