'Hillary Doesn't Wear Well Over Time': Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell Discuss Clinton's Slumping Poll Numbers

Todd: "Look, everybody’s watched this campaign and we all come to the same conclusion. There's something just not quite right"

During a discussion on her MSNBC show on Thursday, host Andrea Mitchell and Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd were puzzled by a new poll showing bad numbers for Hillary Clinton. Mitchell immediately tried to downplay the results: “I mean, it's one poll, it's a Quinnipiac poll....

But it does show her behind in the swing states, with Virginia, I guess, as within the margin of error....It's pretty early.” Todd replied: “Well, no, it's like her standing in national polls looks fairly strong. These swing states, Virginia, usually goes where the national polls are. So something is amiss here. Either the state polls are an outlier or the state polls have found something first, before the national polls, which is also possible