Disney World to Remove Bill Cosby Statue

It took 30 women to come forward and a judge releasing a 2005 deposition of Cosby saying he drugged women for sex for Disney to remove the Cosby statue? If this was anybody else the statue would have been gone after the first woman came forward


Walt Disney World officials say a bronze statue of Bill Cosby is being removed from the Hollywood Studios theme park.

Local news outlets report the statue was removed after the park closed Tuesday night. Disney offered no other comment.

The removal of the statute at Disney's Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza came after court documents unsealed on Monday revealed that Cosby testified in 2005 that he'd obtained Quaaludes with the intent of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with.

Meanwhile, the Smithsonian Institution is standing behind a museum exhibition that relies in part on the art collection of Cosby and his wife