CNN Reporter Who’s Scheduled to Interview Hillary Recently Attended Wedding of 'Ready For Hillary' Co-Founder

Get ready for a long list of softball questions.

CNN's Brianna Keilar will be interviewing Hillary Clinton this week. It's Clinton's first big national interview since jumping in the presidential race.

Interestingly, Keilar recently attended the wedding of an aide to Hillary Clinton. As Mike Warren recently reported:
Summer means it's wedding season, and in Washington that means plenty of potential for conflicts of interest. Consider the wedding of one Hillary Clinton aide, attended by several members of the national political press covering Clinton and her rivals for the White House.

Adam Parkhomenko, the director for grassroots engagement for Clinton's presidential campaign and a co-founder of Ready for Hillary, married former Ready for Hillary staff member (and former Redskins cheerleader) Kirby Hoag on Saturday. Among those celebrating with the happy couple were a number of print and television journalists. Democratic operative and Ready for Hillary staffer Seth Bringman tweeted a photo of these journalists 
According to Daily Caller, the wedding was just 2 weeks ago