Watch: O'Reilly Goes Off on Kirsten Powers During Debate About Racism in America

O'Reilly had Monica Crowley and Dem strategist Kirsten Powers on tonight to talk about racism in America. Bill was trying to make the point that no, America is not a racist nation and there is not widespread racism. Powers would have none of it. She kept trying to go back to slavery or something. Bill agreed that racism still exists and there are many racists in America, mostly on the fringe,  but pressed that racism is not an epidemic in the United States, that America has come a long way and tried to right its many wrongs, which it has.

Powers said she was "living in the real world where you can actually defend America and people don’t attack you. I don’t even know what you’re talking about.” After that, O'Reilly got heated, throwing his hands up and going to Monica.

After coming back to Powers, she actually asks Bill how many black friends he has,  which is an absolutely absurd comment. She gets to the point where she stops making sense.

Watch the video-
I think Bill is spot on in his analysis here