Video Montage: David Axelrod Criticizing Hillary Clinton

'Inevitability is not Hillary Clinton's friend'

Great video by Freebeacon

Former Barack Obama senior adviser David Axelrod has made a habit of sharply criticizing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, often going after her silence or reticence to take on issues important to the Democratic Party.

Axelrod was instrumental in helping Obama defeat Clinton in a shocking political upset during the brutal 2008 Democratic primary, and he laid out what he saw as her weaknesses as a candidate in his memoir Believer. Now, as a political commentator, he’s still going after her.

BuzzFeed reported last week that Axelrod said Clinton was “hurt” by her “sporadic” campaign events and appearances, and that once again inevitability was proving to be a “real burden.”

He made a similar case on Morning Joe in December when he harkened back to the 2008 race, saying, “Hillary’s candidacy got out in front of any rationale for it, and the danger is that that’s happening again.”