Video: Man Smashing Car Windows Gets Confronted By News Anchor Before Getting Taken Down By Police

SEATTLE — Thousands of dollars of damage was done to more than two dozens cars on Westlake Avenue in South Lake Union, including many right here at Q13 FOX.

Victims were left cleaning up broken glass and surveying the damage caused by a vandal who we caught on camera.

That gave us an up close look Monday at how Seattle police handle violent suspects who may be mentally ill.

Officers arrested the man after he used a hammer to smash the windows of at least 28 cars.

Surveillance video captured the suspect in our parking lot moving from car to car. One of our co-workers spotted him in the parking lot and raced inside to tell us to call 9-1-1.

I ran outside to try to stop him and make sure he was not attacking anyone with that hammer which can be a deadly weapon.

Watch the video from Fox local