Trump's Campaign Says Fox Poll Shows He's a 'Front-Runner and Serious Contender' in 2016

New Fox News poll shows Donald Trump with 11%, in second place behind Jeb Bush who is leading with 15%

Real-estate developer Donald Trump is celebrating after a second poll of the 2016 GOP presidential race showed him near the front of the pack.

The Fox News poll, published Wednesday, gave Trump 11% of the Republican vote nationally. This was more than double the 4% he received in the previous Fox survey and places him behind only former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida (15%).

Trump is clearly quite happy about the results, especially after his second-place standing in a New Hampshire state poll released earlier in the week. In a Wednesday night press release, his campaign said the Fox survey showed he was a "front-runner" and a "serious contender" for the GOP nomination.

Even though Iowa's caucusgoers do not vote until next year, national poll results are significant because they will determine which 10 candidates will be allowed to participate in the first GOP primary debate in August

Trump on Twitter celebrates second place while taking a jab at leader Jeb Bush