"This is Delusional"- Rush: Obama Saying We're Most Respected in World is Like Saying He Made Baltimore The Safest City in the Country (AUDIO)

"This is absurd" - Rush blasts O for a presser yesterday in which the President said that under his presidency, the U.S. has returned to 'the most respected country in the world'

Rush fires back--
  • Next he'll be saying he made Baltimore the safest city in America
  • He'll follow that by saying, Hillary and I made Libya, Iraq and Syria the safest countries on earth
  • Hillary and I also neutered Russia with our reset button
  • Then he'll say we have the cheapest health care system in the world thanks to me
  • He'll follow that by saying he created the strongest GDP in history
  • Obama will then say he cut the deficit in half
  • He will then say he made the VA the greatest health care providers on earth
Here's Rush today on Obama making it up out of thin air