Texas: Police Shut Down Girls' Lemonade Stand, Demand Permit

Police: Sale of food (in this case lemonade) which requires time or temperature control to prevent spoilage must be refrigerated to prevent the growth of bacteria, by law, the girls can not sell it without an inspection and permit

OVERTON, TX (KLTV) - A little summer fun was spoiled by police in Overton, and state health laws. Andria and Zoey Green wanted to raise $105 for a Father's Day present.

"We were trying to raise some money to take our dad to Splash Kingdom,” 8-year-old Andria explains. Their mother, Sandi Evans says her daughters have an entrepreneurial spirit.

"The girls are always into making their own money,” Evans says. The girls initially wanted to start a paper route, but decided on a lemonade stand to make money more quickly.

They had been open for about an hour and had already made more than $25, when police showed up, initially because they were set up near the curb in a residential street. “A code enforcement officer and the chief, she called me to the side and said we needed a permit,” Sandi recalls.

The City agreed to waive the $150 fee for a 'Peddler's Permit," but the health department would prove a bigger problem.

Police Chief Clyde Carter explains, “It is a lemonade stand but they also have a permit that they are required to get.”

They interview the mom here: "This is ridiculous"
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