Robbers Drive Big Truck Through Texas CVS in Attempt to Steal ATM, Leave With Nothing (VIDEO)

It was a smash and grab -- without the grab.

A group of hapless thieves drove an SUV through the front of a Dallas CVS and tried to steal an ATM Thursday, but gave up after attempts to dislodge the machine by smashing into it with the massive vehicle failed, according to the Dallas Police Department.

The suspect driving the Chevy Suburban can be seen on stunning surveillance video repeatedly trying to back up into the ATM to try and free it at 2:30 a.m., police said. Three other suspects can be seen exiting the the vehicle and running out of the camera's sight.

After a few attempts, the robbers gave up, hopped back in the car and drove out of the store.

"There were four suspects involved in this offense," police wrote in a statement. "Each suspect wore a mask, gloves and a hood."

Here is the video: This 80s Chevy Suburban repeatedly tries to smash the ATM, there's not enough room in the store, they give up.