Rick Perry: Trump's Tough Talk on Mexico Makes for Good TV

Perry: I know what needs to be done to secure the border

Donald Trump's talk about Mexico "makes for some pretty good TV," Rick Perry said Wednesday, but the reality is that he, as the former governor of Texas, really knows what needs done to secure the border.

"I do know a little bit about border security, having been the governor of Texas for the last 14 years," Perry, who is competing against Trump and nearly a dozen others for the GOP nomination, told Fox News' "America's Newsroom."

"There are three things that you do to secure the border," Perry said. "Obviously personnel and personnel in the right places," he said, noting that fencing is also important.

"The third thing is aviation assets," he said. "I will suggest that what Mr. Trump was talking about makes for some pretty good TV, maybe, but the reality is if you want to secure the border, we know how to do it," pointing out that the National Guard surge, which he ordered last summer, resulted in "a 74 percent decrease in illegal immigration."

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