New Video: Rand Paul Calls For 14.5 Percent Flat Tax

"We have to drive a stake through the heart of the IRS"
This is a powerful plan, powerful ad from Rand Paul
Brand New---> 'Let's start with a workers tax cut'

 Rand Paul,  candidate for president of the United States, has thrown down the gauntlet where the tax code is concerned. Paul, in a Wednesday op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, proposes to not so much reform the tax code as to “blow it up.”

The 70,000-page tax code would be replaced by a 14.5 percent flat tax on all incomes. The first $50.000 of income would be exempt. All deductions except for home mortgage and charitable contributions would be eliminated.

Paul is not the first major presidential candidate to propose a flat tax. Steve Forbes ran for president in 1996 largely on a flat tax, something that he has championed to this day. The dream of a flat tax may have the best chance it has ever had of becoming a reality, thanks to the scandals surrounding the IRS, an agency that is supposed to collect taxes, but has recently been used as a weapon to crush the president’s political enemies.