NBC's Richard Engel: 'Hard to See How a Few Hundred Non-Combat Troops Are Going to Make Much Difference in Iraq

Richard Engel points out ISIS is far more dug in today than what U.S. forces faced years ago.

ENGEL: A current senior U.S. military official tells NBC News he agrees, the new troops probably won't change much on the battlefield, which is already a hodgepodge of rival groups. Kurds in the north, backed by the U.S. The Iraqi army and Shiite militias. backed by Iran and after today, Sunni tribes in the west, also backed by Washington. U.S. Troops in Iraq will try to bridge these deep differences to fight Islamic radicals and we all know how well that turned out before.

The U.S. military fought for about a decade with hundreds of thousands of ground troops, a limitless budget, 24-hour air cover to battle an insurgency that is far less dug in than ISIS is now. So, it's hard to see how a few hundred non-combat troops are going to make much of a difference