Judge Orders Woman to Walk 30 Miles for Ditching Cab Fare (VIDEO)

30 Miles was the distance of the fare. She has just 48 hours to complete the walk

PAINESVILLE, OH (KTRK) -- Thanks to a judge known for his creative sentences, an alleged cab fare-skipper in Ohio had to walk off her sentence, WOIO-TV reports.

Prosecutors say Victoria Bascom ordered a cab, rode from Cleveland to Painesville, then bailed out without paying the fare.

Lake County Judge Michael Cicconetti let her choose her sentence: 60 days in jail or walk for 30 miles. Bascom chose the latter, so she started walking Friday.

The judge gave her 48 hours to complete the walk. Thirty miles is the distance of the stolen cab ride.

Bascom will also be on probation for four months and will have to pay a $100 restitution to the cab company.