‘ISIL’ Graffiti Found on Oregon Elementary School (PHOTO)

I'm certain there will be at least one blogger who would give this story a title of "Breaking: ISIS terror cell FOUND in Oregon!"  But I think this graffiti here is most likely someone, probably young kids with a paint can being stupid. The police say there is no known terror/ISIS activity in the area

 eagnews reported:
Salem, Ore. – Is the terror group ISIL – or ISIS – in Oregon?That’s what parents are wondering after Miller Elementary School was hit by vandals claiming “ISIL we R here.”

The graffiti was painted on a concrete wall under a play structure on the playground.

“Of course it’s alarming,” Miller Elementary School principal Jessica Brenden tells Fox 12. “It was a big surprise that it happened here at Miller.”

While Salem police say there is “no known ISIL activity in the area,” Brenden isn’t sure why anyone would spray paint such a warning at her school.

“It’s unfortunate we had to put resources into cleaning it up when the resources could be spent in the classroom,” she says.

ISIL schoolTom Windedahl saw the graffiti Sunday and didn’t know what to make of it. He called it “disturbing” and would like to think its little more than kids “goofing off,” according to KXL.

Police say they don’t have much to go on. There are no suspects and they only know it was painted some time over the weekend.