Hillary Campaign Manager on FTN: ‘No Poll Shows Voters Don’t Trust’ Her

They learned from Team Obama, go out and say the exact opposite of what's true an a large portion of low-information voters will believe it. Clinton's campaign manager Rob Mook tells John Dickerson there's no poll out there that show voters don't trust Hillary (except for every single one of them)

On Sunday’s Face the Nation, Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, hilariously told CBS’s John Dickerson “no poll shows that voters don’t trust Hillary” despite numerous recent polls that show just the opposite.

Mook’s amazing ability to ignore reality came in response to Dickerson noting how even among Democrats “the biggest problem for her is trust, the voters and the polls have shown this. Voters do not trust her. How does she overcome that?”

After Mook claimed “no poll” shows Clinton to be untrustworthy, Dickerson explained that in fact the polls do show that the American public “don’t find her honest and trustworthy” which the Clinton campaign manager rejected and insisted once again “no poll says that.”

"No poll shows that"....

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