Giuliani: The Minute You Start Paying Ransom, You're Gonna Have More Kidnappings

Giuliani responds to the new Obama Administration policy on ransom

RUDY GIULIANI: I handled kidnappings when I was assistant U.S. attorney, one very famous one.

So, I know what you go through with the family. And, of course, if it were my son or my daughter, I would want to pay the ransom. However, I have to point something out. We don`t have many kidnappings in the U.S. since the Lindbergh case, because we don`t pay ransom and because we do everything we can to catch the kidnapper.

The minute you start paying ransom, you are going to have more kidnappings. We had kidnappings in the U.S. before Lindbergh because we paid ransom. We have had very few kidnappings since Lindbergh because we don`t pay ransom. You can`t pay ransom