CNN/ORC Poll: A Whopping 63% Disapprove of President Obama's Handling of ISIS

JV Team.

Compared with a year ago, more now say the nation's economy is recovering or already recovered. Half (50%) say so in the new poll, up from 43% last year at this time. Still, nearly one-quarter (23%) feel the economy is still in a downturn and getting worse.

Despite the public's focus on the economy, it may not be the issue driving down Obama's approval ratings. While the public's assessment of his handling of the economy is about the same as it was in February, he's lost ground on his handling of ISIS (down 8 points since February).

Obama's best mark on issues comes for his handling of race relations: 50% say they approve, 47% disapprove, while he tallies his worst marks on issues where his partisans are most apt to disapprove.

For example, his 63% disapproval rating on handling ISIS includes disapproval from 34% of Democrats, and on government surveillance of U.S. citizens, 67% disapprove overall including 44% of Democrats. (via CNN)