Blowing Away His Republican Rivals: Jeb Bush on Pace To Raise $100 million

'Massive war chest'

politico reported:
The biggest guessing game in the presidential race these days is just how massive a war chest former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will announce on July 15, the first official deadline for candidates to disclose their financial position.

The answer: It will be massive and very likely over $100 million, though the exact figure remains unclear. And we probably won’t know even then precisely how much the Bush juggernaut actually has.

That’s because Bush Inc. has at least four vehicles for campaign contributors: the Right to Rise super PAC, a hard-dollar campaign committee (which only recently started raising money), a leadership PAC and a nonprofit entity dedicated to funding policy formation.

The eye-popper will be the super PAC, which has vacuumed up huge checks from Wall Street titans and other captains of industry over the past six months. The campaign at one point capped donations at $1 million because money was pouring in so fast from events with minimum price tags of $100,000 or often even more

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